Barbie Brill has been carrying a secret around since her mom remarried. She has the hots for her stepdad and doesn’t care how wrong it is.

Some things are just too strong to resist and she is determined to have his cock. Enlisting the help of her good friends Alyssa Bounty and Lili Charmelle, the sexy blonde plans a hot VR porn holiday surprise that her stepdad won’t be able to resist. She buys them all matching outfits with Santa hats and sexy stockings to show off their nubile bodies. When they look perfectly ready for the “naughty” list, Barbie helps her friends into the position she saw in the latest VR porn movie. They pose under the tree with their asses up so you see them as soon as you come into the room. Shocked by the sight, you are nonetheless intrigued. With three lovely young women waiting for your dick, you have no choice but to take it out and let them sample it. The three of them pass your fat candy cane back and forth, each one sucking it with more energy than the last. They line back up so you can pick which one to fuck first. Barbie is a greedy girl and wants all of that big daddy dick. She wants to make sure you know she fucks better than her mom before letting her two friends get their turn. None of these young hotties is going to make the “Nice” list, but you like it better that they know how to be perfectly naughty. You enjoy all of them and let the trio share a big load of your cock cream. Their faces get painted with goo and they promise you an even better time for New Year’s Eve.

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