Lelya Mult is very excited to be attending a huge rock festival in her town. She has been waiting for months to hear some of her favorite bands, hang out with her friend and maybe find her way backstage for some naughty fun.

She has taken great care to pick out the perfect outfit that screams “slutty groupie” and is pleased with the results as she snaps some selfies for her social media. While she is admiring herself in the mirror, Lelya sees her nerdy stepbrother in the doorway. You are shocked to see her dressed like a VR porn slut and cannot help but stare. She can see by the boner in your pants that you like what you see so she decides to tease you. Bending over, she sticks her ass right in your face before pulling out her tits. It was just supposed to be a peek, but Lelya notices that the bulge in your pants keeps growing. She can’t believe it. No way her nerdy stepbrother has a dick that big? You spend all your time studying and jerking off to VR Porn. Finally, she just has to see it. To her shock, you have the biggest dick she’s ever seen. Already turned on, she decides to take advantage and get some action before the festival. You don't need much convincing to use that big thing on her horny pussy. The real thing is even better than could have imagined as she skillfully rides your dick until you are ready to explode. Not wanting to ruin her groupie outfit, she quickly aims your meat at her face and lets you explode. Lelya still wants to go out and get fucked, but now she knows she has some good dick waiting for her when she gets back.

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