Ariana Van X and her schoolmates Lika Star and Kylie Green are preparing for their midterm VR fashion show for their modelling classes. They have been assigned matching outfits that are cute, sexy and promise to turn plenty of heads. They are hoping that the clothes look good on their teen bodies, but need someone to offer an outside opinion. Enlisting the help of her stepfather, Ariana leads the three--girl parade through the living room. Dressed in matching short skirts and white tope, they model the clothes and immediately notice how uncomfortable he seems. In this VR porn scene, Ariana watches as her friends strut in front of her mother’s husband and giggles as you put your hands in your lap to hide your growing excitement. Getting bolder, the girls change into revealing swimsuits right in front of you. You try not to stare, but they know you are taking in every inch of their bodies with lust in your eyes. By the time the girls get to their final outfit, sexy lingerie that leaves nothing to the imagination, you are so turned on that your cock can barely stay in your pants. When you take it out, the girls are thrilled to find that there is enough for all of them. Ariana and Kylie are turned on watching Lika spread her legs for you. They help their friend and patiently wait to be pounded by your experienced prick. You take turns with your sexy stepdaughter and her slutty friends. The girls keep each other company with horny tongues and fingers while you sample all of them. Not wanting to be greedy, the trio of friends share your cock until it explodes into Ariana's mouth. She is generous, sharing sloppy cum-swapping kisses with her friends. They are going to be perfect models and complete sluts.

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