After a long day of shopping with aunt Angel Wicky, Tindra Frost comes home happy. She is still a virgin, but her cool aunt has been showing her how to dress sexier and open up to new experiences. Tindra has a secret. She has decided who she wants to take her virginity. Before she could share her big news with aunt, Angel shocked her pretty young niece with a kiss. It wasn't Tindra's first kiss, but it was the first one that set her pussy on fire. What was happening? What neither of them knew was that Tindra's brother home, sitting in the next room watching porn on his computer when they came home. He watches for a while as aunt Angel guides sister's mouth to her huge breasts. To get a better look, he closes his laptop, but they hear him and immediately drag him into the room. Angel and Tindra tape him to a chair before he can object and then he has to sit and watch as they continue undressing. Angel bends niece over in front of brother and spreads her ass, showing him how wet her sweet, virgin pussy is. While aunt gets busy using a huge dildo they bought during their shopping trip, Tindra keeps looking over at brother. She has been masturbating for weeks over the thought of him taking her cherry and not her pussy stretches around the big toy with him so close. Instead of brother's cock, she takes toy deep inside of her, cumming while she stares into his eyes. Angel sees how hard nephew's cock is and shakes her huge tits at him while she and Tindra share the two-headed dildo. She doesn't know about niece's secret fantasy, but wants that cock all to herself. Both women look at him and think to themselves, next time. Next time they fuck him.

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