Ara Mix was raised in a very strict home. Her parents had a cold relationship and her mother was as prudish as could be. That changed a bit when she got remarried to a handsome man who helped bring out her wild side.

It was slow going, but he warmed her slightly. He got her into some VR fun sexy play and even convinced her to wear sexy lingerie when he bought it. Ara catches you leaving some for her mother and can’t believe it. Thinking you have gone to work, she just has to try it on. You catch her, but rather than being angry, you tell her that it looks better on her than on her mom. She is shocked and embarrassed, but also flattered and turned on. Seeing your cock big and hard, Ara just has to have it. Who cares that you are married to her mother? In this taboo VR porn episode, she wants that big cock in her throat. You are so horny for her that you tear the lingerie from her body and ram your stiff rod right into her tight teenage twat. None of the boys from college have ever taken her this way. None of them took control and made her quiver with ecstasy like you can. You fuck her on the table until she cums and then lets her lick all of her sweet juices from your meat. She can tell by the way you are moaning that she is doing this way better than her mother ever could. That makes her want to please you even more. She gets down on her knees and begs you to cum all over her pretty face. You look down at her jizz dripping smile and know that you will be buying an extra set of lingerie every time you go to the store.

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