Freya Mayer has only been at college for a few weeks, but she already had a boyfriend. She wants to bring him home to watch some VR porn movies.

They have also decided to have sex for the first time as well and that part does not go as smoothly. Her boyfriend has never had sex before and between that pressure and the fear of her parents coming home, he is struggling to get things going. Freya is not very experienced either, and she has never seen a guy struggle to get hard for her. Right in the middle of their troubles, Freya’s stepfather comes home unexpectedly. You are shocked by what you see and even more so when she explains what is happening. Not wanting to see his stepdaughter disappointed, you take out your cock and offer to help get things started. In this VR porn scene, her boyfriend objects, begging her to give him another chance to get it up, but Freya pushes him aside and tells him to take notes to see how a real man does it. She can’t believe how much bigger your cock is than her boyfriends or how hard it is as it slides down her throat. No longer interested in the inexperienced boy or his tiny limp cock, she bends over to take her stepfather’s big stiff prick right into her tight hole. As she rides you, the pretty teen knows exactly why her mother locks her bedroom doors every night and moans for hours. She is married to a sexual beast and Scarlett never wants you to stop fucking her. With her boyfriend watching, Freya sucks every drop of cum from her stepdad’s dick and wears your load proudly. She is your slut now and has no need for the wimpy boy.

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