Lady Lyne VR is looking forward to a day of fun, sun and flirting with younger guys on the beach with her friends. Her new husband has a big client coming over for dinner and has given her a long list of chores to complete.

Deciding to blow off the chores and have fun, she is almost out the door when she runs into her new stepson. She doesn’t want you to tell your father, but the look in your eyes tells her that you have other things on your mind anyway. While you look her up and down, the horny young stepmom decides to kill two birds with one stone. She is happy to let you get a good look at her in her bikini and even offers to let you feel the big tits you are staring at. As hot as she looks in the sexy suit, you prefer the view when she takes it off. You need no encouragement to take your big cock out and let your sexy young stepmom taste it for herself. It is already the best head you've ever had and then she wraps her big tits around him and gives your dick a professional grade wank. You can’t take it any longer and ram your big cock into her wet, mature pussy until her eyes roll back in her head. In this VR porn episode, she is ready to give you a treat and let you bust a nut between her bikini boobs, but you can’t wait and fill her up with your sticky load. Who needs a day at the beach when she can stay home and get fucked by the young stud under her own roof?

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