Getting ready for her first vacation in a long time, Serena Santos is looking forward to long days on the beach with fruity drinks and long nights in bed with sexy studs watching hot VR porn movies.

Knowing that she needs to look hot for both, she is struggling to pack just the right bathing suit. The only one home is her stepfather so she asks you which one she should bring. She is shocked by the look on your face and instantly recognizes the desire in your gaze. Deciding to go with it, she asks if you need to see them on her in order to make a proper decision. She slips into the skimpy bikini and leans into the teasing, arching her back and wiggling her ass until you can’t take it any longer. In this VR porn movie, you pull out your cock and Serena pretends to be shocked. She can see how big and hard he is and asks if she can suck your cock if you promise not to tell her mom. You agree and immediately feel her warm wet mouth around your dick. Serena loves it. She wanted to get attention in her bikini and if it makes you this hard, it is going to work wonders on the hot guys at the beach. Sucking is fine, but they both want more and she pulls her bottoms aside to give you full access to her tight wet twat. Serena has heard her mother screaming in the bedroom and now understands why. You give her long strokes and hit all the right spots. It’s so good that she doesn’t notice as you shoot your big load in and around her pussy. Too late to worry about that, but she is already thinking about how she can stay in on vacation and get more of your dick.

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