Life has been good for Jennifer Mendez since her mother remarried. Her stepfather runs a hugely successful tech firm and has spoiled Jennifer and her mother.

When it was time for Jennifer to get a job after college, she assumed he would hire her without question. Disappointed when that didn’t happen, she came up with a plan to land a dream job. She marches in and shows you a sign indicating how much she needs the job. Unimpressed, you suggest she take her tits down to the strip club or try being a VR Porn model. She angrily pulls out her tits and shakes them at you asking you if they will make you change your mind. You are shocked by her boldness but has to confess that her tits are pretty spectacular. Seizing the opportunity, she sits in your lap and lets you know that if you will hire her, she will take care of you in ways that her mom doesn’t. She pulls your cock out and is happy to see it already hard. She gets it wet in her mouth so it can easily slide between her big tits. Jennifer knows she already has the job but wants to feel your big dick inside of her. Why should mom be the only one in the house who gets to enjoy that fat pole? You fuck her tight pussy until you are right on the brink and then reminds you again that you have promised her a job. By the time you blow your load into her mouth, she has landed the job with a much higher than normal salary.

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