Medical school can be really rough. The long hours of studying and difficult course loads cause a lot of stress. Luckily for Simon Kitty, she is in school with her lifelong bestie Baby Swabery.

The two love studying together, in part, because when they need a break, they play with each other. They love playing doctor and letting their examinations turn intimate, but neither of them is strictly interested in other women. Sometimes they crave a big hard cock. As luck would have it Simon’s stepbrother walks in while Baby is licking her pussy. You can’t believe what you see. It looks like an episode from some VR taboo movie. You are completely shocked when they ask you to join the fun. In this VR pon movie, they want to check out your dick and see if it is hard enough for their needs. After sucking and sharing it for a moment, Simon lets her friend take the first ride. Your busty stepsister is next and you can’t help but stare at her perfect big tits as they bounce in front of your face. Baby can’t resist those boobs either and sucks on them while her friend rides her stepbrother’s cock. Waiting her turn, the horny teen takes full advantage of your long strokes, cumming on your dick while her best friend helps. The girls start to compete to see which one can make you cum in them first. You wisely pull out and have them kneel in front of you so they can share the load. The sight of their cute faces as they take turns sucking pushes you right over the edge until you glaze their face with thick streams of hot cum. They lick up every drop and make you promise to help them study for their next exam as well.

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