Ohana Petite VR is used to getting any guy she wants. At school, in a club, at work, guys line up and fall at her feet. It is rare for her to find a guy who can resist her good looks, tight body and very promiscuous tendencies.

Lately her attention has been focused on one guy who she just can't seem to get. Her mom's new husband is a handsome guy with a great build and ever since they moved in, Ohana can't get him out of her head. At first she just fantasized about him, getting herself off in the shower imagining how he would feel inside of her. When the temptation is just too great, she decides to take things to the next level. She slips on a tiny top and a tight pair of shorts and waits until her mother leaves for the gym. Alone with her stepfather, she parades around in front of him, teasing him like she teases the boys at college. When she finally sees him looking her way, she stops and meets his gaze. Since he clearly likes what he sees, maybe he would like to see more? When he doesn't reply, she pulls off her top and tugs on her nipples. In this VR porn episode she can see how much he likes that by how he has to adjust his cock in his pants. Bending over and peeling off her shorts, she lets him know that it is OK to take out and touch it. She won't tell. As long as he strokes himself for her, she will keep it a secret. He doesn't have to be asked twice and enjoys watching her strip and spread her long legs. Her pussy is so tight and wet as she puts her fingers inside. Will she cum before he does? Either way, she knows he will and she has finally gotten the attention she wanted from him.

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