Beautiful blonde Georgie is a stunner in the bedroom, but that is not the only place where she excels. She is also an expert cook who can whip up something special every night of the week.

Knowing that the way to a man's heart is both through his stomach and his cock, Georgie knows that a little naughty fun in the kitchen can really spice things up. When you get home, the smell of something delicious brings you into the kitchen. Georgie has a special surprise for you, nothing at all under her apron. Planning it perfectly, she has left enough time while the meal finishes cooking to have a little fun. She teases you with glimpses of her mouth watering breasts and firm ass. Just a tease though. Dinner should be ready soon. As luck would have it, they need more time in the oven. Just enough time to do more than tease. Go on, take out your cock as her fingers spread open her wet lips. If you stroke it for her, she promises to play with herself. The way her fingers slide right in you can tell that she is wet. Your strokes increase as she moans and quivers. You both cum hard just as dinner is ready. Don't worry, Georgie has something special for dessert as well.

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