Alexa Flexy’s combination of good looks, flirty personality and revealing photos have earned her thousands of followers on social media.

They are always looking for new content and she hates to disappoint them. Trying on some new leggings and a sports bra, she starts snapping. After getting all the selfies she can, Alexa notices that her stepfather is in the room reading. She quickly enlists his help to get some new and exciting angles. In this VR porn scene, you watch her do the splits and tries not to think about the VR Taboo Porn you have been watching as her poses get more erotic. For a moment, Alexa forgets that you are her stepfather taking the pictures and she lifts her top to reveal her perky tits. She starts to apologize but realizes that your cock is poking out of your lap. You like what you see and she is so turned on by how naughty it is that she just pops your dick right into her mouth. You don’t even try to stop her as she peels off her yoga pants and slides her tight pussy around your throbbing boner. More turned on than she has ever been in her life, Alexa pulls her cheeks apart and guides you into her asshole. She has never taken a cock back there and wants to give it to her stepfather. Her mother never lets you fuck her in the ass so you take full advantage of your kinky stepdaughter and her tight, flexible body. You fuck her butthole hard and shoot a huge load of cream all over her pretty face, making sure to snap some pictures so her followers can see what a dirty anal slut she is.

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