Sleeping peacefully next to her new husband, Nikky Dream VR had no idea that she was being watched. She didn't hear her stepson sneak around to her side of the bed for a better view of her body.

The sight of her exposed flesh fills him with forbidden desires. In this top-quality VR porn scene by Virtual Taboo, he takes out his cock and starts stroking it. Though he tries to stay quiet, Nikky starts to wake up and realizes that she is not alone in the room. Stunned by his brazenness and turned on by his hard cock, mom decides to be naughty. Urging him to be quiet so as not to wake his father, she encourages him to keep stroking by pulling out her big tits and showing him her shaved pussy. The risk of being caught turns Nikky on almost as much as son's big cock so she decides to do more than just watch. Crawling over to the edge of the bed, she puts her mouth on his cock, feeling it throb on her tongue with her husband just inches away. She knows that it is wrong, but her pussy is too wet and horny to stop now. He spins her around and hits that pussy from the back, banging Nikky deep and hard. Amazed her husband is still asleep, she drags son onto the bed and rides him, grinding her hips to get every inch of his young cock into her hot slit. No longer caring if they get caught, she strokes his dick until he cums all over her face.

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