Hot Pearl, Milka Way, and Mia Grandy are best friends who thrive on competition. During their college years, they battle for the best grades, athletic accomplishments, and the most desirable guys.

With the college championship cup approaching, the girls are eager to determine who stands out as the best. They know exactly what to do to get the main judge’s attention. You are nervous when all three of them show up at your door, but their clothes and demeanor give you the idea that they are here for some VR porn fun. Young ladies start to flirt with you. It works and they see how turned on you are when you take your big dick out of your jeans. All three girls pass your cock around, eagerly sucking and licking every inch. They strip out of their shorts like real models from your favorite VR porn movies and line up bent over so you have to choose which tight pussy you want to fuck first. You slide into Hot Pearl while Mia Grandy looks up at you and tell you she can’t wait to feel your dick. They line up and take turns, riding you with their tight pussies until you can hardly take another moment of pleasure. After fucking them all, you shoot a big load into Hot Pearl’s mouth so the girls can swap your cream. With neither willing to accept defeat, the girls share your load, passing it back and forth and making you promise to give them another chance to prove their sexual superiority.

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